How long are your quotes valid for? 

For three months, as long as the condition of the tree has not changed.  

When is a tree removal permit required? 


You need to check with your local council. 

How do I apply for a tree removal permit? 

You will have to contact your local council or download a removal permit application form. 


When do I pay? 

Full payment is due on completion of the job.  


Can I keep my tree for fire wood? 

Yes, of course. We encourage the timber to be used as firewood where it’s needed. It will be cut and left onsite in manageable pieces. Sometimes at less cost than removal from the property.


If the tree is not easily accessible can it still be removed? 

Yes, we have highly skilled climbers that can remove hard to reach trees and will use a crane where needed. 


Do you remove stumps? 

Yes, we have a small and a large grinder. The smaller grinder we use for the hardest of accesses.  


Is The Tree Samurai insured? 

Yes, with a 20 Million Public Liability insurance policy. 


Can I keep the mulch? 

Yes, you are welcome to keep your own mulch at no extra cost.


How many years experience?

11 years.